Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What about ("ah-boot") Canada, eh?

In case you didn't know...

  • Canada is on the metric system. So the speed limit is often 100, or 110. This looks awesome, but is normal at about 70 - 75.
  • The gas is sold in liters. I fill up with 15 - 20 of them. And it's usually priced in cents per liter. So when you see that gas is 129.9 per liter, don't worry. That's only $1.29 (Canadian dollars).
  • Apparently most Canadians use credit cards with smart chips. And several attendants have been confused when they discover that ours need to be swiped.
  • The people are nice. They seem to be looking to help. As soon as I start looking around with that I-am-confused-by-something-in-Canada face... it is seconds before somebody comes over and asks if they can help me find/do/understand something.
  • The people are social. My conversations with dad are never private (sometimes that's not surprising, since he doesn't really know how loud he is talking). But people around are unafraid to overhear and, when we mention something of interest to them, come over and start chatting about it. And yes, sometimes this is annoying.
  • They really do use "eh" at the end of every other sentence. One guy even saw my license plate and said "You're not in Kansas anymore, eh?". He admitted he had no idea what that is from (The Wizard of Oz), but has simply heard it before. And it is, so far, the only time I've heard the phrase on this trip, thank goodness.
  • Canada is big.

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