Saturday, July 7, 2012

We made it... Again

I'm in the middle of the "we made it" phase of our adventure. First we made it to Alaska, and I clenched my 49th state to bike through. Then "we made it" to Fairbanks (an actual PLACE, in Alaska), and a very-comfortable Hampton Inn.

Today, "we made it" to the arctic circle (66 deg. 33' N), our ultimate end point; the halfway mark of our trip (as in, turn around, towards home). Then "we made it" back down the famed, treacherous Dalton Highway (Ice Road Truckers highway) alive, bikes intact (though dirty).

Just a couple more "we made it"s ahead. Tomorrow, to Anchorage and our cabin where our family awaits for a week of... well a week of not riding my motorcycle. And then, by God's grace the "we made it" home, in a couple weeks.

Gotten so far, but we are not done yet.


  1. i'm happy for you that you made it that far! What stories you will have to tell your little one!! But I will have to say I'm am glad you are closer to home than you were yesterday.
    what an adventure.

  2. It does not look very arctic at the arctic circle. :S

    1. It was 100 degrees. I wanted a slushie. But alas, no slushie machine at the arctic circle.