Tuesday, July 3, 2012

End of Day 4

Today was quite a day. It started out with me getting stuck in an outhouse. It has a wooden lock outside to keep the door shut, and a hook inside to lock it when in use. I guess I shut the door too hard, and when finished, I couldn't escape. This is a problem, because I typically hold my breath when using these things, and I was out of air. My dad was only a few yards away, facing the other direction, and can't hear. So my shouts were not of much use. I was first tempted to just force the door with a kick, busting the latch... But at our camp this was the only outhouse of 4 that could be used because of similar busted things. So I climbed up the walls and slid out of the air holes at the top (dark triangle in the photo). But not until after having to take a few breaths of putrid air.

Getting groceries for camp can be a challenge. Because I have no idea what all these Canadian big box brands are. I would be helpless without my limited supply of phone data that i have been rationing so I don't blow past my Canadian data plan cap (125 MB). Otherwise I would probably spend hours walking into every big looking store hoping they had hot dogs and cans of chili.

And we started the famed Alaskan Highway today!


Here's what the 11 PM sun looks like in Fort St. John, BC, Canada (over our campfire).

And it kind of looks like we are halfway there!



  1. Sorry about the outhouse thing, Nic. You guys are doing great! We're behind you all the way!!!

  2. Your video was great! I am tracking you constantly on latitude. I'm excited for you but these blogs still bring tears. Not sure why.

  3. Lookin' good gents. We are behind you all the way until we beat you to Anchorage, then we win. :)

    P.S. Impressive job escaping the nastiness.

  4. that. is. disgusting. wish you would have chuck norris'd it though.