Sunday, June 1, 2014

The trip's not over yet...

"The trip isn't over until everything is unpacked and cleaned up." That's what I might tell my 1 year old son if he could understand it. Unfortunately, if I believed that, I'd technically still be on my trip right now, after two weeks. At least until I wash off my boots sitting in the garage.

Typically, the part of the post-trip clean up that takes the longest is compiling the helmet cam video. For some reason reliving the memories of yesterweek simply isn't as enticing as reliving them of yesteryear. But alas, I finished it. Before that though, there are a few leftover thoughts I had about the trip:\

Eagle Scoutness

On the ride down, Danny and I learned that Joey is an Eagle Scout. Moreover, I believe he said "This will be the first time I've ever camped with non-Eagle scouts." Uh oh. How would we compare to  Joey's advanced training in the ways of camping? What if something completely embarrassing happens, like I can't start a fire in under four hours (yes, it's happened). Luckily we all held our own. Well, you'll have to ask Joey, I suppose, but I think we worked together: Danny cooked the biscuits, Joey fried the eggs, and I cooked the sausage for our Blueberry Sausage McCampers Biscuit, and we all enjoyed them. I think that says it all. Although, Joey clearly won in tenting:

The Bikes

We were amazed to discover how similarly all three bikes performed, despite their vast differences. It probably has more to do with the similar experience of the riders, but all three bikes went everywhere we pointed them and none of us found ourselves bored from slow progress nor terrified of trying to keep up. So three cheers for you, motorcycles. And Danny definitely won in motorcycling. Mostly because we least expected the V-Strom to make it over the tough obstacles. Danny proved himself to be a most capable rider by, on the hardest bike, not only keeping up but not slowing us down one bit. But also: 

But all of these are just honorable mentions compared to the real winners of the trip: my dad's trailer and the BMW X5 that hauled it. Despite the Unreliable German's warnings (and oh they were many: Brakes, ABS, AWD / Traction Control, Check Engine Light, Transmission Failsafe Mode), it and the trailer got us, the bikes, the trailer, and all the gear to camp and back safely. Thanks guys:

And also, here's the video: