Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ride, ride, ride

That's what we're doing. On a mission (and on about 3 hours of sleep). I'm riding right now in fact. While I post this. And there's traffic. Ok just kidding we are at another A&W. A&W is a favorite of dad's from earlier days (and of mine, though I barely remember), and they are now hard to come by in the midwest. They also have free wifi. A precious commodity up here, allowing completely boring posts like this (which really only serve to let Julie and my mom know I am alive and intact (Hi Julie! Hi mom!)).

Anyway... This will most likely be our last opportunity to have one of their amazing chilled-mug aged-vanilla root beers, as we will be crossing back into the states in just a few hundred kilometers. Our 6th and final country border crossing. Pfew!

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