Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The data

Miles Ridden: 7,848 (that's about how much an average commuter drives in 6 months) covering 8 states and 4 provinces

Average Gas Mileage: 50.72 MPG (this impressed me, since I had about 150 lbs of non-aerodynamic gear)

Average Cost of Fuel: $4.78 per gallon (using highest octane)

Most expensive gas: $7.00 per gallon in Teslin, Yukon Territory, Canada

Total Cost of Fuel: $722.97 (a lot of that is in Canadian, but it's about $1.01 to $1.00 USD)

Average Ride: 505.87 miles per day

Most Miles in a Day: 781 (Day 2, from Brookings, South Dakota to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Highest Latitude: 66 degrees 33' North (Arctic Circle) about 3,600 driving miles from home

High Temp: 106 degrees (F), outside Billings, Montana

Lowest Temp: 48 degrees (F), in heavy rain, through Denali National Park, Alaska

Shortest Night's Sleep: 3 hours in a motel in Tok, Alaska (about the same amount of time the sun was down)

Total Cost of Lodging: $716.73 while on the road 4 campsites, 9 hotels/motels (not including the 2 nights on the ferry)

Something about being on the road, getting further from home gave me wildly dynamic emotional state. Here's about how it went:

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  1. I'm very glad you got this opportunity. You will talk about it your whole life and refer back to it many times.
    But I am so glad you're home. Safe. Healthy. Your stats are quite interesting but your emotional roller coaster makes me cry. I get better when I remember the intense joy that is coming soon.