Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fork Seal

Well my left fork seal is leaking badly. We've seen a lot of dirt and grit and the roads have definitely been working my front suspension for all it's worth, so I shouldn't be surprised.

There's fork oil stains along the left side of my bike, on the forward-facing side of my left pannier, and probably all over the left leg of my riding pants.

I brought a special tool to clean my seals in case of this very thing. But after double checking, it's worse than I thought. The oil is gushing out. I don't plan to take the time for a seal replacement. I cleaned it as best I could. And now I hope it doesn't cause any more serious suspension problems on the way home.

Luckily we only rode 10 miles or so here in Juneau, and have 2 days onboard the marine highway's Matanuska before I have to really start worrying.

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