Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The TAT. Part 3

We're going to the TAT. Again. Just for a refresher, the Trans-America Trail (TAT) is a collection of backroads and trails that run from Tennessee, all the way to Oregon. We've seen a joy-to-ride section of it in Arkansas. But apparently, not enough of it to get our fill.

It was on the drive home last year that we started planning our trip back. We spent the drive researching bikes, picking our perfect machines, and discussing how to trick our wives into letting us take a week off in 2015 so we could do it all again. And so... here we are (thanks, wives)!

Danny grabbed a Suzuki DR 650 as soon as he found one he could afford. Joey bought a Honda XR 650 in Colorado and waited months to find a way to get it delivered to KC. And I came up with a different bike I intended to buy about every single day, but in the end I couldn't abandon my Kawasaki KLR 650. It didn't take long at all for the three of us to find a good "proving ground" in KC to practice getting stuck in the mud (over, and over...). Then the gear started to arrive (thanks Amazon.com and ebay). Then there was a mad rush of motorcycle maintenance and modifications and unnecessary upgrades (you'll see pics of my auxiliary lights). Now we're a couple days away and nearly all packed up. Ok, so Danny and Joey have been packed up. I've barely started... but averaging that out makes us nearly there.

Dear Lord, give us great weather. And also no broken legs. Amen.

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