Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ready or not, here we come

I'm packed. Pfew.

I don't know at what point the dream of spend-a-week-on-the-trail-without-a-care-in-the-world turns into replace-every-loose-part-on-my-motorcycle and try-to-squeeze-everything-a-man-needs-to-live-into-three-bags. But for the last couple days I've been leaving right at that crossroad.

While Joey continues to encourage me, assuring me that I'll find a way to make it all fit and it won't be too heavy, I'll have everything I need... Danny ever-so-sweetly texts me things like "I'm trying as hard as I can to fill my bags. Impossible!!!" Thanks, bro.
And while my bike feels like it can barely move under it's own power, Danny said on his test ride he "didn't even know there was added weight." Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I know I've done this before... And I know cut out about 30 pounds of gear since last time... Maybe I don't need to bring the 30 lb. dumbbell? I mean, I can probably get a good workout on the trail with just the 25 and 15 pounders, yeah?

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