Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bert's Automotive and a new rear spring

So I took off my rear shock assembly to install my beautiful new spring. I'm hoping the stronger spring will make the bike feel more normal when under 110lbs of gear-that's-necessary when motorcycling to Alaska and camping along the way. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Four motorcycle shops told me they couldn't swap it. One said they could, but after I dropped it off, called me and backed out. My dad's spring compressors wouldn't fit. The spring compressors I rented from the auto parts store wouldn't fit. And I was stressed.

But then, my dad discovered Bert's Automotive. It's one of the shops he looks after in the AAA network, and he stopped in and asked to see their spring station, and he said it would fit. I had my doubts, but stopped by and left my spring. An hour later... voila! Spring replaced. For $10. Pfew! Less than 2 weeks before we leave.
Two days later, my friend Danimo helped me put the beast back together and get her running again. My KLR now has a new rear tire (we'll need as much rubber as possible for the 4200+ mile journey, and we'll have to replace them in Alaska for the ride back). It has stiffened rear suspension. And we installed the fork brace/stabilizer. I had Danimo bounce up and down on the rear spring (he has 80 lbs on me), and it looked good. I took a ride with my wife around the city and up/down the steepest hill I've seen in KC. And it felt better. Pretty soon (6 days), I'll know for sure.

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