Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why West Virginia?

So I have ridden through all the 48 lower states. Half alone, half with a good friend. He has ridden through the 48. We finished them together with Wisconsin. My dad has also done it, and my. Dad and I are riding to Alaska together next month to make it 49. Except, apparently, I missed West Virginia. My friend pointed it out one day when looking at a map of all my routes. And I can't have that missing state on my conscience before I head to Alaska.

So Danny and I are heading towards West Virginia. Me for my 48th (for real this time), and he to expand his 4 states to 8. But there's more. How could we not go to West Virginia, when Hillbilly Hotdogs is there?



So there you have it. Hillbilly hotdogs is the apex of our trip, which should nicely coincide with lunch time tomorrow. We've been planning the trip for weeks and thinking about what we'd be getting on our hotdogs for a long time. Unfortunately we didn't think about it tonight, and we got hot dogs to grill over campfire. Sorry, digestive system.

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